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Jennica Name

Jennica, Meaning of Jennica – History and Origin, What does Jennica mean ?

America Names

Name: Jennica
Meaning: Combination Of Jennifer And Jessica
Gender: Girls
Orign: American
Letter: J
Letters in name: 7

Popular surnames with this name:
White, Harris, Martin, Thompson, Garcia, Martinez, Robinson, Clark, Rodriguez, Lewis, Lee, Walker, Hall, Mitchell, Perez, Roberts, Turner, Phillips, Campbell, Parker, Evans, Edwards, Collins, Stewart, Sanchez, Morris, Rogers, Reed, Cook, Morgan, Bell, Murphy, Bailey, Rivera, Cooper, Richardson, Cox, Howard, Ward, Smith, Johnson, Williams, Jones, Brown, Davis, Miller, Wilson, Moore, Taylor, Anderson, Thomas, Jackson, Allen, Young, Hernandez, King, Wright, Lopez, Hill, Scott, Green, Adams, Baker, Gonzalez, Nelson, Carter, Torres, Peterson, Gray, Ramirez, James, Watson, Brooks, Kelly, Sanders, Price, Bennett, Wood, Barnes, Ross, Henderson, Coleman, Jenkins, Perry, Powell, Long, Patterson, Hughes, Flores, Washington, Butler,

Celebrity and famous people:

  • Adrienne Ames (1907-1947), actress
  • Charles Cusimano (born 1954) politician
  • Fred Espenak – NASA scientist, born and educated on Staten Island
  • Jerry Brightman Formerly with Buck Owens (producer, musician) (Akron)
  • Maksymilian Ciężki, prewar chief of the Polish Cipher Bureau’s German section (BS-3), which from 1932 decrypted German Enigma ciphers in the prelude to Britain’s World War II Ultra Secret.
  • Petro Franko, captain of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Galician Army (UHA)
  • The Marx Brothers – comedians