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Latanya Name

Latanya, Meaning of Latanya – History and Origin, What does Latanya mean ?

America Names

Name: Latanya
Meaning: The Fairy Queen
Gender: Girls
Orign: American
Letter: L
Letters in name: 7

Popular surnames with this name:
Mills, Nichols, Grant, Knight, Ferguson, Rose, Stone, Hawkins, Dunn, Perkins, Hudson, Spencer, Smith, Johnson, Williams, Jones, Brown, Davis, Miller, Wilson, Moore, Taylor, Anderson, Thomas, Jackson, Simmons, Foster, Gonzales, Bryant, Alexander, Russell, Griffin, Diaz, Hayes, Myers, Ford, Hamilton, Graham, Sullivan, Wallace, Woods, Cole, West, Jordan, Owens, Reynolds, Fisher, Ellis, Harrison, Tucker, Porter, Hunter, Hicks, Crawford, Henry, Boyd, Mason, Morales, Kennedy, Warren, Dixon, Ramos, Reyes, Burns, Gordon, Shaw, Holmes, Rice, Robertson, Hunt, Black, Daniels, Palmer, Gibson, Mcdonald, Cruz, Marshall, Ortiz, Gomez, Murray, Freeman, Wells, Webb, Simpson, Stevens,

Celebrity and famous people:

  • Ágnes Keleti, 5-time Olympic gymnastics champion (2-time floor exercises, asymmetrical bars, floor exercises, balance beam, team exercise with portable apparatus), 3-time silver (2-time team combined exercises, individual combined exercises), 2-time bronze (asymmetrical bars, team exercises with portable apparatus), International Gymnastics Hall of Fame
  • Charles Fuller – playwright
  • Fred S. LeBlanc politician
  • Jerry Marston Fowler (born 1940) politician and convicted felon
  • Malu Mader (1966),
  • Phil Austin – Writer; actor; The Firesign Theatre comedy troupe
  • The Vogues – pop vocal group