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Ryo Name

Ryo, Meaning of Ryo – History and Origin, What does Ryo mean ?

America Names

Name: Ryo
Meaning: River
Gender: Boys,Girls
Orign: American
Letter: R
Letters in name: 3

Popular surnames with this name:
Smith, Johnson, Williams, Jones, Brown, Davis, Miller, Wilson, Moore, Taylor, Anderson, Thomas, Jackson, Garrett, Romero, Welch, Larson, Frazier, Burke, Hanson, Day, Mendoza, Moreno, Bowman, Medina, Fowler, Brewer, Hoffman, Carlson, Silva, Pearson, Holland, Douglas, Fleming, Little, Burton, Stanley, Nguyen, George, Jacobs, Reid, Kim, Fuller, Lynch, Dean, Gilbert, Obrien, Castro, Sutton, Gregory, Mckinney, Lucas, Miles, Craig, Rodriquez, Chambers, Neal, Caldwell, Lowe, Jennings, Barnett, Graves, Jimenez, Horton, Shelton, Barrett, Jensen, Vargas, Byrd, Davidson, Hopkins, May, Terry, Herrera, Wade, Soto, Walters, Curtis,

Celebrity and famous people:

  • Al Harris, current NFL cornerback for the Miami Dolphins.
  • Charlie Dougherty — MLB player
  • Fritz Roeseler — NFL player[123]
  • Jim Corcoran – singer-songwriter and radio personality
  • Marchetto da Padova (fl. 1305-1319), music theorist and composer. He lived at Cesena and Verona at some time and was in the service of Rainier, Prince of Monaco
  • Pierre Beaumarchais, comedy playwright
  • Thomas James Churchill (1824-1905), a Confederate States of America major general during the American Civil War and a governor of the state, moved to the city in 1848.

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